On Sunday the 22nd April 2018, the members of RC Shillong participated in a medical camp organized by Seng Longkmie Demseiniong and RCC Demseiniong. The event started with the felicitation of Dr M Ampreen Lyngodh who was re-elected as MLA to the Shillong West Constituency and with some customary address by members from the locality and our club, the Medical Camp was inaugurated. The following doctor members were present for the camp., DGN Dr Debashish Das, Dr Rakesh Puri, Dr Jyotsna Puri, Dr Ashim Kumar Das and Dr Kamaljeet Singh Sehdave along with other members of the RC Shillong. The camp was also joined later by Ann Dr Charis Budhnah. The members of the RCC Demseiniong provided excellent support towards the management of the camp and provided wonderful hospitality with breakfast and lunch. There were also 4 young participants, who are prospective Rotractors, in the health camp throughout. The medical camp benefitted around 300 residents.