ON 27TH APRIL, 2018


  1. The closed meeting was called to order by the President and the National Anthem was sung.
  2. Rtn Deeya S Rathore was thanked for the fellowship.
  3. Rtn Kiron Joshi and Ann Shyama were given best wishes for their wedding anniversary on the 29th

Club Business:

  1. The President circulated and read out the minutes of the Board Meeting which was 26th instant at the Rotary Corner.
  2. Induction of Rtn Ranjit Singh is proposed to be done on 04th May, 2018.
  3. The President announced that a fair amount of the bills for the current Rotary Year have been cleared.
  4. CDW Project- The contractor suggested by Rtn Vishnu Chokhani had been asked to complete the projects at Lynkien Upper Primary SSA School, Mylliem and Gandhi Bunyadi Hindi High School at Golflink, Shillong. There is target towards CDW projects of five schools.
  5. CSR Project- The members suggested that a booklet/pamphlet be made to highlight the projects undertaken by us before we request the organizations for CSR meeting.
  6. KYC– Inorder to have PAN Card, we should register own club under the Societies Registration Act inorder to obtain further grants. Rtn S R Sen has been requested to do the needful.
  7. District Grant and Wins Global Grants- 105000/- has been sanctioned by the Distt. for CDW Projects at two schools. Rs. 75100/- has been sanctioned under Wins Global Grants for undertaking the project at Church of God Ecclesia H S School.

District Events:

  1. Assembly is to be held at Tinsukia on 19th and 20th May, this year. Approximately seven of our members are planning to attend the event.

Points from the Members:

  1. Rtn Kishan Tibrewalla suggested that CDW Projects should also be undertaken for various hospitals.

Secretary’s Announcement:

  1. Members present-15, Visiting Rtn from Bangladesh-1, Collection-SS Rs.390/- and RF Rs.150/-,

LOA requested by Rtns Vishnu Chokhani, Osmond Nongbri, Rakesh Puri and Jyotsna Puri.